3 Major Employee Onboarding Fails and How to Avoid Them

Onboarding refers to the process of welcoming new employees to a company. Far more comprehensive than a basic orientation, the process of new hire onboarding involves socializing new hires into the cultures of your organization, while also introducing them to the specific tasks that they will be performing and letting them know your expectations. It also lets them know what to expect while working with your company, introduces them to fellow colleagues and allows them to acclimate to their new position.

In order to get your new hires off on the right foot and set them up for success, you want to make sure that your onboarding process is as effective as possible. To make sure your new employees feel welcomed and confident in their new position, here’s a look at some onboarding mistakes that you are definitely going to want to avoid.

Quick Meet and Greet

Sure, you may have a lot of people working in your company, and it may seem impossible to introduce your new hires to every single member of your team; however, quick meet and greets do little to make a new hire feel welcomed.

One of the primary goals of onboarding is to make your new employees feel welcomed and to acclimate them to your workplace culture. To do that, you really need to take them time to properly introduce them to your staff – and your staff to them. How can you do that? Instead of running around spouting off names of people and doing quick introductions as you walk through the first day, have a fun, upbeat event. For instance, you could host a scavenger hunt or organize a game of Pictionary. Get all employees – both veterans and newbies – involved. Such an activity will break the ice, will allow people to get to know each other a little more intimately than they would with a handshake and a hello, and will create great morale.

No Sense of Place

You may have a designated workspace for your new hire, but if that space is boring, bland and perhaps even cluttered, that new employee isn’t really going to feel welcomed, and instead, will feel like he or she doesn’t really have a place in your company.

To avoid this issue, make sure you take the time to dress up the workspace for your new hires. You don’t have to go all out and hire an interior decorator, but simple touches will make a big difference. Make sure the computer is set up and ready to use; fill their desk with essential tools; set out a welcome basket and maybe even hang up an inspiring picture or place a brightly colored flower on the desk. These things really won’t take you much time, but they will really make your new employees feel like they have a place in your establishment.

Winging It

Of course, there are things that your new employees are going to have to learn on their own, and they need to take the initiative to do so. However, with that being said, you shouldn’t expect them to learn the ropes completely on their own.

Make sure you provide them with the training and support that the need to succeed. You may want to assign them to a mentor – someone who has been working with your company for a while and really understands the ins and outs. Offer workshops and seminars. Consistently check-in with your new hires to make see how they are getting along. Also, don’t forget to make yourself available to answer any and all questions that they may have.

Successful employee onboarding is as important for your company as it is for your new hires. Avoid these three mistakes to ensure the employees you hire will find success, and moreover, to ensure they will want to stay with your company for the long haul.